11:59 – Jonny Diaz Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: 11:59 – Jonny Diaz

Eleven fifty nine pm
And I lie in my bed awake
Afraid that tomorrow and all of it's problems
Are only a minute away

I guess that's how I've always been
Never content with my place
But scared at the very thought of growing up
And how I compete in that race

You are the one who controls all time
Can I bring you all of my fears tonight
Cause it's getting cold and it's sad but true
That it's been a while since I laid here with you

I have been hiding from you
Silly you know where I'm at
I guess it just took me here scared and alone
To spur on this overdue chat

Sorry that I'm rambling on
I just need you to hold me tight
And please will you stay with me until the morning
Cause I am so lonely tonight

Billions of people each with their needs
But I am so thankful that you're here with me

I know it's me who has fled the scene
And you have been waiting there patiently
Prodigal son I have chased my pride
But you're always there with your arms open wide

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