1990 Tales from the brothers Gibb (cd 1)

1990 Tales from the brothers Gibb (cd 1) di Bee Gees

1990 Tales from the brothers Gibb (cd 1)

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  1. New York mining disaster 1941
  2. I can’t see nobody
  3. To love somebody
  4. Holiday – Bee Gees
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Barker of the U.f.o.
  7. World
  8. Sir Geoffrey saved the world
  9. And the sun will shine
  10. Words – Bee Gees
  11. Sinking ships
  12. Jumbo
  13. The singer sang his song
  14. I’ve gotta get a message to you
  15. I started a joke
  16. First of May
  17. Melody fair
  18. Tomorrow tomorrow
  19. Sun in my morning
  20. Saved by the bell
  21. Don’t forget to remember
  22. If only had my mind on something else
  23. I. O. I. O.
  24. Railroad
  25. I’ll kiss your memory


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