1993 The 30th anniversary concert celebration

1993 The 30th anniversary concert celebration di Bob Dylan

1993 The 30th anniversary concert celebration

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  1. Like a rolling stone – Bob Dylan
  2. Leopard-skin pill-box hat
  3. Introduction by Kris Kristofferson
  4. Blowin’ in the wind
  5. Foot of pride
  6. Masters of war – Bob Dylan
  7. The times they are changin’
  8. It ain’t me,babe
  9. What was it you wanted?
  10. I’ll be your baby tonight
  11. Highway 61 revisited
  12. Seven days
  13. Just like a woman
  14. When the ship comes in
  15. You ain’t goin’ nowhere
  16. Just like Tom Thumb’s blues
  17. All along the watchtower
  18. I shall be released – Bob Dylan
  19. Don’t think twice,it’s all right
  20. Emotionally yours
  21. When I paint my masterpiece
  22. Absolutely sweet Marie
  23. License to kill
  24. Rainy day women
  25. Mr. tambourine man
  26. It’s alright,ma (I’m only bleeding)
  27. My back pages
  28. Knockin’ of heaven’s door
  29. Girl of the north country


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