2001 The essential Billy Joel

2001 The essential Billy Joel di Billy Joel

2001 The essential Billy Joel

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  1. Piano man – Billy Joel
  2. You’re my home
  3. Captain Jack
  4. The entertainer
  5. Say goodbye to Hollywood
  6. Miami 2017 (Seen the lights go out on Broadway)
  7. New York state of mind
  8. She’s always a woman
  9. Movin’out (Anthony’s song)
  10. Allentown
  11. Just the way you are – Billy Joel
  12. Only the good die young
  13. I go to extremes
  14. Goodnight Saigon
  15. We didn’t start the fire
  16. Honesty – Billy Joel
  17. My life – Billy Joel
  18. It’s still rock and roll to me
  19. You may be right
  20. Don’t ask me why
  21. She’s got a way
  22. An innocent man
  23. The river of dreams
  24. Uptown girl
  25. The longest time
  26. Tell her about it
  27. Leave a tender moment alone
  28. A matter of trust
  29. Baby grand
  30. Leningrad
  31. The downeaster “alexa”
  32. And so it goes
  33. All about soul
  34. Lullabye (goodnight my angel)
  35. Waltz #1 (Nunley’s carousel)
  36. Invention in C minor


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