2002 The definitive collection

2002 The definitive collection di Stevie Wonder

2002 The definitive collection

Il testo contenuto in questa pagina è di Proprietà dell’autore. Wikitesti.com è un un’enciclopedia musicale con lo scopo di far conoscere a quante più persone possibile il panorama musicale.

  1. Superstition
  2. Sir Duke
  3. I wish
  4. Master blaster
  5. Isn’t she lovely
  6. I just called to say I love you
  7. Ebony and ivory
  8. As
  9. Never had a dream come true
  10. I was made to love her
  11. Heaven help us all
  12. Overjoyed
  13. Lately – Stevie Wonder
  14. For your love – Stevie Wonder
  15. If you really love me
  16. Higher ground
  17. Do I do
  18. Living for the city
  19. Part-time lover
  20. For once in my life
  21. Uptight (everything’s alright)
  22. We can work it out
  23. Signed sealed delivered
  24. Yesterme yesteryou yesterday
  25. My cherie amour
  26. You are the sunshine of my life
  27. I don’t know why
  28. A place in the sun
  29. Blowin’ in the wind
  30. Send one your love
  31. Pastime paradise
  32. I ain’t gonna stand for it
  33. Fingertips, pts. 1 & 2
  34. Boogie on reggae woman
  35. You haven’t done nothing
  36. He’s Misstra know it all
  37. Happy birthday



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