.45 – Call Me Karizma Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della canzone di:
.45 – Call Me Karizma

What is the use? I'm nothing to you
I was but you left. Right?
I'm fucking confused
Sat on the edge of the cliff
I call it my bed
My feet hit the floor and I'm probably dead
The monsters will get me and swallow my legs
But mama told me that it's all in my head
Hate? Try to debate
Violence is killing the people their trying to save
To God and to satan:
I'm sorry to say, you both got me wondering why there is pain
Breathe... inhale/exhale
Am I in hell?
I can't tell from these sent texts and emails
Got no friends, pets, or females
Just these 12 steps on the counter
Mama drowning out with no water
She had a bottle since I had one
And I'm gone [x2]
About time this shit is done

I can't be what you needed [x3]
I hope you'll forgive me for this
Give me a loaded .45 [x5]/ goodbye

Went on a tour with my idols
Made 'em my bros and I'm not gonna lie though
I made it back home and I'm more than alone
And the source is unknown that I am suicidal
I don't care, care, care [x2]
I've been bleaching my hair 'cus some feeling was there
I had to wash it out
I don't have no one so I grab a gun and I cock it now
My parents told me that I'm bad
I should watch my mouth
So I put that bitch to my teeth
I'll see what these people are talking 'bout
It's 6 in the morn'
I'm pissed that I'm torn
Between mission aborting or clipping the cord
I'm just sick of the...
"Morgan. You isn't important. You're brother is better"
Let's get to the chorus
Maybe I should. Maybe I'm bad. Maybe I'm good

I can't be what you needed [x3]
I hope you'll forgive me for this
Give me a loaded .45 [x5]/ goodbye

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