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Il Testo della canzone di:
64 BARS – Croosh

It's Crooshie wooshie wooshie

You already know how it's done sonny
Okay, look

I swear I'm in this bitch call me young Crooshamolie
I'm reppin Los Ang like I fuckin' shoot with Kobe
I'm always sipping OE, but I prefer the mickey
If I drink too much liquor then I will wake up with hickeys
I need O-X-Y, G-E-N
You know I have to pregame before we begin
You know I always stay writing with the P-E-N
I know a lot of people don't like to see me win
So I'ma do it just in spite of em
Take you like a vitamin
Mad cause I'm steady pullin' strings like a violin
I'm pilin' these pennies, nickels, and quarters
I shop at Goodwill cause I'm so norm poor
Like ay, shout out to SAMO High
Smokin' Mary Jane at lunch getting SAMO high
Cuttin' class like a motherfucking samurai
But still it's class of '14 till I SAMO die
Look I'm tryna get the bread and dough
Flexing from the head to toe
If you're mad that I'm a better rapper homie let it go
Maybe you should meditate
Probably get your yoga on
I know you're stressing cause you see what's really going on
See I'm not going nowhere like I just got stuck in a maze
Making money from this rapping shit I'm fucking amazed
Girls who used to diss me they be like what's up with a date
It's funny how the green can make a girl go red in the face
She blushin'
But I got no time for discussion
Telling me all these rumors
Fuck all these lies and assumptions
And fuck these other rappers too
I am the guy you should fuck with
There's no hating my style
You either like or you love it
So laugh now, laugh later
Life is a long joke
They say that life's a cruise, think I'm on the wrong boat
See I'd rather take a risk than be another John Doe
Have a Rollie on my wrist and live in a condo
(Ah) young Croosh let me hop up on the beat-ery
Only been a date yet she's acting like she's needing me
That's about the time that I dip out
Walk up out the room butt naked with my dick out (okay)
Look me up on Soundcloud knowing what I stay on
They try to put me in a box, I am not a crayon, no
It's young Croosh look, tell 'em one time, miss
She ask me if I rap so I told her one rhyme (Look, uh)
Got you gaining interest like a car loan
Yeah I'm down to earth but I'm looking at the stars though
They try to gas me up but you won't hear me fart
Bruh I try to use my brain but no telling where my heart go
Tell them what my lungs breathe, roll another blunt please
I be on that tree like a motherfucking monkey
Got them going nuts, throwing coconuts
You can know a lot but never know enough
Look, they wanna see if I can rap, so let me spit some bars
These rappers wanna act, but they don't fit the part
See but lemme Tom Cruise it, making this bomb music
Just so you can bump it in the car and bob to it
See I say what I feel and I feel what I say
If you don't wanna listen turn your head the other way
Man you know I get hyphy, like I'm from the Bay
And I keep my shit hotter than a Vegas summer day, okay
Let me take a breath there
Lungs full of smoke so it's good to get some fresh air...
Okay I'm back at it
Now watch her twerk it at an angle that is mathematic
The name's Croosh if you know me freakin' call me J
I celebrate like every weekend is a holiday
I swear that I'm just on a roll like some toilet paper
And I rep LA so you know I'm for the Lakers

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