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Il Testo della della canzone Di: 86' (Remix) – Raekwon

[Intro: Raekwon]
Ok ok ok ok! I see her
I see that! Turn me up turn me up!
Gimme some juices! Gimme some juices kid
Come on! Let's go man for real!

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Aiyyo! Aiyyo wood grain jacket and the clapper
Catch me inside Mojito City with a stretch plum actress
Grabbin her thong, the light skin Nia Long
Rich niggas way back, when bitch knew John
Why would you ever wanna be here?!
Guns bigger than me yeah I'm like the centerpede three pair
Wallabee first pair ferocious
Guns from Scotia everybody know I flow like oceans
Truck little pieces, how we gonna eat this
I walk around fly, high, telekinesis
And my lady, a well known designer
Who fell in lined with me, and all she do is sell L.B.
We in the grow house, trees look alone
I built the dutchmaster train set kid relax you home
And watchin Carmelo and the Knicks go in
I'm playin my square I'm in the front row my bitch roll in
That's not wifey, that's a lover
She gave me some top but how we met she was alone with my brother
Givin twenty year veteran good dick, came to my senses
Stay strong like old men and dentures
Winter time rockin a fox hangin with Bruno Mars, The LOX
Sting, yo Nas's pops
We gettin honeys, ratpack clique and my gunny
Blowin two L's (Ocean Eleven) this money
Floss days coolin on them horses
Hop over logs, long polo boots on to them porches
Maxin king everything gucci
Just like the suits I play saturday to stay in jacuzzis
Brother man I flown on the motherlands
And came back quick, ounces of gold, wrapped inside rubberbands
Hangin in my cormega schmidts
Doin my O.G. thing slingin some 'caine in the mix

[Chorus: Altrina Renee (AZ)]
He got my flyin to the islands when it's cold outside
Matchin furs his and hers black, matchin black cars
Got my life livin right baby, love is no limit (Aiyyo Rae you what it is, it's that sugar hill vibe!)
Life's good either way, long as you win it (Let's pop off on these little niggas! Bring this shit back home)

[Verse 2: AZ]
Uh! From bullet holes and graffiti
Bein low to exposin and money rolls on the TV
Clothes on neatly cologne switchin weekly
Women chose no need to be told how to treat me
Discretly, used to dick 'em down just for G.P.
Freaky, now I work for fortune no freebies
Easy, went from 22's on the shoes
To just chill with the factory field I'm still cool
Refuel, fresh from the era low sweater
Cold weather used to be when Ra, Kane flow better
Forever, Larry Davis live be obliged
For them broads bein blessed to absorb a nigga vibe
Reside, in various places some spacious
Others is basics, but the facelift escalates it
Persuasive, probably with many but not friendly
Cop a Lindsay, fly versace and rock fendi
Inde, came from the bottom no problem
Nothin surprise 'em, niggas try but can't size 'em
Possum, me and the Mrs. gourmet dishes
Instagramin our pictures under chandelier fixtures
Scriptures, straight from the heart my pen's dark
Chess players deep what I peep I pick apart
My wiz is sharp, wine and dine when it's time
Line for line leavin that crime shit behind
The world is mine, suited and booted so secluded
Leavin 'em clueless, this is how thoro niggas do this
Ha! Quiet Money! Ice Water!

[Chorus: Altrina Renee (AZ)]
He got my flyin to the islands when it's cold outside
Matchin furs his and hers black, matchin black cars
Got my life livin right baby, love is no limit (It's that east coast New York shit!)
Life's good either way, long as you win it

[Outro: AZ]
Certified stamped, and approved, from the cloth you heard
AZ, Chef, what else they want?

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