911 Bones Feat Cat Soup – Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: 911 – Bones Feat Cat Soup

Your best bet is 9-1-1
Chances slim like 5-0-1s
They think that I'm close to done
You silly bitch my time just begun
Riding in that yellow hummer h2 with them gunners
Smoking like Joe don't make me stutter
Slidin sittin on butter (slide)
Slingshot your nest, watch your butterflies flutter (watch it now)
Screenshot the text, psych I don't type on them products
I'm the oddest (fuck)
Instead of making problems (no)
I'd rather stalk you from a far gettin' off to the fact you don't know I'm watchin'

Dead cold hands wrapped around your neck
I swear they look so good on you
Your lifespan abruptly came to an end
The night that Bones finally found you

SESH bring the noise
Ask your bitch she know your boy
You splurging on fancy toys
Then hurting and no need to lie
I know the truth hurts so I, give 'em just that
My body is starting to hurt
From the scene that's on my back
Half and half honored slash embarrassed
Y'all is fuckin' trash
How you say I inspired you? no I don't sound like that
No bitch you cannot rap
Pussy boy you need some facts
Airmail em' to your pad
SESH radar got you tracked (what)

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