Didn’t we almost have it all


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1987 Whitney
2000 Greatest hits (disc 1)
2001 Love Whitney
2007 The ultimate collection

Testo Della Canzone

Didn't we almost have it all di Whitney Houston

Remember when we hold on in the rain.
The nights we almost lost it once again.
We can take the night into tomorrow.
Living on feelings.
Touching you I feel it again.


Didn’t we almost have it all.
When love was all we had worth giving.
The ride with you was worth the fall my friend.
Loving you makes life worth living.
Didn’t we almost have it all.
The nights we held on till the morning.
You know you’ll never love that way again.
Didn’t we almost have it all.

The way you used to touch me felt so fine.
We kept our hearts together down the line.
A moment in the soul can last forever.
Comfort and keep us.
Help me bring the feeling back again.

Repeat Chorus

Didn’t we have the best of times.
When love was young and new.
Couldn’t we reach inside and find.
The world of me and you.
We’ll never lose it again.
Cause once you know what love is.
You’ll never let it end.

Repeat Chorus

Didnt’ we almost have it all

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