Funny how time slips away


È contenuto nei seguenti album:

1971 Elvis country (I’m 10,000 years old)
1972 Elvis: as recorded at Madison Square Garden
1976 Great country songs
1980 Elvis Aaron Presley (cd 4)
1991 Collectors gold cd 1-2-3
1995 Walk a mile in my shoes: the essential 70’s masters (cd 3)
1997 An afternoon in the garden
1997 Platinum – A life in music disco 3
2010 On stage: February 1970-Legacy edition (cd 2)

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Testo Della Canzone

Funny how time slips away di Elvis Presley

Well hello there,
my it’s been a long long time
How am I doin’,
oh well I guess I’m doin’ fine
It’s been so long now and it seems that
It was only yesterday
Mmm, ain’t it funny how time slips away

How’s your new love,
I hope that he’s doin’ fine
Heard you told him, yes baby
That you’d love him till the end of time
Well you know, that’s the same thing
that you told me
Well it seems like just the other day
Mmm, ain’t it funny how time slips away

Gotta go now,
guess I’ll see you hanging round
Don’t know when though, oh
Never know when I’ll be back in town
But I remember what I told you
That in time your gonna pay
Well ain’t it surprisin’ how time slips away
Yeah, ain’t it surprisin’ how time slips away

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