Hard Liner


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1993 Nightcap

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Hard Liner di Jethro Tull

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Your Round: Unreleased & Rare Tracks
Hard liner,
she brings ice when I bring fire.
She’s a hard liner.
Tightrope cross Niagara. She’d cut the wire.
Never feel a thing.
Walked the sidewalk of another strange avenue.
Kicked my heels and wished my feet were in some other shoes.
But I’m not running
from that hard liner.

Well she brings ice when I bring fire.
She’s a real hard liner.
How does she retain my heart’s desire?
It’s a funny thing.
Knows what she wants, knows how to get it, too.
Scares me with cold logic, scares me with the witch’s brew.
But I keep on drinking.
Hard liner.

Hard liner.
I’m framed and I’m hanging on the wall.
She’s a hard liner.
I’m like some big game trophy hat-stand in the hall.
But I remember warm and loving nights.
Pier-head restaurants,
Swaying mast-head lights
It’s a funny thing.
Hard liner.
Yeah, she brings ice when I bring fire.
Hard liner.
Tightrope ‘cross Niagara, don’t cut my wire.
Hard liner, hard, hard liner.
She brings sun when I bring rain.
She’s a real hard liner.

Yeah, we’ve got it all crossed up again.
Hard liner. Hard liner.
Now I don’t think we can stay in the same town.

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