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2009 Hotness

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Testo Della Canzone

Hypnotized di Rihanna

Hmmm. Ohhhhhhwhoooo. Ohhhhwhooo, no.

There’s something bout the way that you workin me,
teasing me, pleasing me, ease to me boy.
I’m addicted to you.
Yeah, i have it for the things that you do.
There’s something bout this feeling it’s crazy,
you make some mistakes with me, all night and day.
Makes my temperature rise.
Boy, your love has got me so hypnotized.

Verse One
I’m feeling something that i cannot constain.
It’s like im captured by the touch of your hands.
It’s your vibe, it’s your style, it’s the way that you smile.
Get a little rush when i hear your name.
It’s so magnetic with your hands next to me.
Pulling me closer happen so naturally.
We connect, it’s selectric, this feeling inside.
Didn’t know that even if i tried.


Verse Two
You got me spinning like a merry go round.
Feels like im flying but i aint left the ground.
Falling fast, im afraid, can’t escape, there’s no way.
Never had a feeling like this before.


It’s amazing, how you drive me crazy.
Boy, just keep doing what your doing
cause you’re really getting through to me.
Day and night babe, you know.
I can’t fight it, just one.
Look into my eyes and you know you got me hypnotized.


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