Little Egypt


È contenuto nei seguenti album:

1964 Roustabout
1968 Elvis (Nbc-tv special)
1991 Elvis (Nbc-tv special)
1993 Double features:Viva Las Vegas (love in Las Vegas)-Roustabout
1995 Command performances: the essential 60’s masters II (cd 2)

Testo Della Canzone

Little Egypt di Elvis Presley

(words & music by leiber – stoller)
I went and bought myself a ticket and I sat down in the very first row They pulled the curtain but then when they turned the spotlight way down low Little egypt came out a-struttin wearin nothin but a button and a bow Singing, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying She had a ruby on her tummy and a diamond big as texas on her toe She let her hair down and she did the hoochie-coochie real slow When she did her special number on the zebra skin I thought shed stop the show Singing, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying She did her triple somersault and when she hit the ground She winked at the audience and then she turned around She had a picture of a cowboy tatooed on her spine Said, phoenix, arizona 1949 Yeh, let me tell you people little egypt doesnt dance there anymore Shes too busy mopping and a-takin care of shopping at the store cos weve got seven kids and all day long they crawl around the floor Singing ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying

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