Message of love


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1975 Crash landing
1986 Band of gipsys
1999 Live at Woodstock

Testo Della Canzone

Message of love di Jimi Hendrix

Well i travel at the speed of a reborn man
i got a lot of love to give
from the mirrors of my hand
i sent a message of love
don’t you run away
look at your heart baby
come on along with me today
well i am what i am thank god
some people just don’t understand
well help them god
find yourself first
and then your tool
find yourself first
don’t you be no fool
here comes a woman
wrapped up in chan
messin’ with that fool baby
your life is pain
if you wanna be free
come on along with me
don’t mess with the man
he’ll never understand
i said find yourself first
and then your talent
work hard in your mind
so you can come alive
you beter prove to the man
you’re as strong as him
cause in the eyes of god
you’re both children to him
da da doo doo
everybody come alive
everybody live alive
everybody love alive
everybody hear my message
hey, ooooo X5

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