Pigeon Flying over Berlin Zoo


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2003 Rupi’s Dance

Testo Della Canzone

Pigeon Flying over Berlin Zoo di Ian Anderson

Rupi’s Dance
  1. Calliandra Shade (the Cappuccino Song)
  2. Rupi’s Dance
  3. Lost in Crowds
  4. A Raft of Penguins
  5. A Week of Moments
  6. A Hand of Thumbs
  7. Eurology
  8. Old Black Cat
  9. Photo Shop
  10. Pigeon Flying over Berlin Zoo
  11. Griminelli’s Lament
  12. Not Ralitsa Vassileva
  13. Two Short Planks
  14. Birthday Card at Christmas
I’m thinking free – like the bird
flying over, over the animals
in the zoo. How do you do?
What’s it like to be in there? Think about it.

You’re locked behind wires.
Safe and warm – under house arrest protection
from the wild, wild storm and tempest
raging here on the outside. Think about it.

Pigeon I. Pigeon toed.
I’m pigeon-friendly as pigeons go.
Pigeon lonely. Pigeon English.
What’s it like to be in there? Think about it.

Harsh spaces. Empty freedom.
Scary concept. Wrong side of the window.
Which one of us will wake imprisoned
come tomorrow? Think about it.

Give it due consideration.
Weigh it up. Kiss me quickly.
Pigeon friendly. Let me in there
to be with you. Mull it over. (Think about it.)

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