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1975 Minstrel in the Gallery

Testo Della Canzone

Requiem – Jethro Tull di Jethro Tull

Minstrel in the Gallery
  1. Minstrel in the Gallery
  2. Cold Wind to Valhalla
  3. Black Satin Dancer
  4. Requiem
  5. One White Duck / 0/10 = Nothing at All
  6. Baker St. Muse
  7. Grace

  1. Summerday Sands
  2. March the Mad Scientist
  3. Pan Dance
  4. Minstrel in the Gallery (live)
  5. Cold Wind to Valhalla (live)
Well, I saw a bird today
flying from a bush
and the wind blew it away.
And the black-eyed mother sun
scorched the butterfly at play
velvet veined. I saw it burn.
With a wintry storm-blown sigh,
a silver cloud blew right on by.
And, taking in the morning, I sang
O Requiem.

Well, my lady told me, “Stay.”
I looked aside and walked away
along the strand.
But I didn’t say a word,
as the train time-table blurred
close behind the taxi stand.
Saw her face in the tear-drop black cab window.
Fading into the traffic; watched her go.
And taking in the morning,
heard myself singing
O Requiem.
Here I go again.
It’s the same old story.

Well, I saw a bird today
I looked aside and walked away
along the Strand.

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