Try a little tenderness


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2007 Romance: songs from the heart

Testo Della Canzone

Try a little tenderness di Frank Sinatra

In the hustle of the day, were all inclined to miss
Little things that mean so much
A word, a smile, and a kiss
When a woman loves a man, hes a hero in her eyes
And a hero he can always be if hell just realize

She may be weary, women do get weary
Wearing the same shabby dress
And when shes weary, try a little tenderness

She may be waiting, just anticipating
Things she may never possess
While shes without them, try a little tenderness

It’s not just sentimental, she has her grief and her care
But a word thats soft and gentle makes it easier to bear

You wont regret it, women dont forget it
Love is their whole happiness
And it’s all so easy, try a little tenderness

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