You might recall


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1982 Three sides live

Testo Della Canzone

You might recall di Genesis

What was it you said to me
Back in the days when things looked fine
‘Bout how we would be together
Until we left the earth behind
Oh, it’s funny how things can change
‘Cos there was a time I thought I’d be the one
Who’d even start again
But now I stay forever

Oh my hopes are as the leaves upon the water
Just sunk in the night
And though I know you couldn’t care you oughtta
Ah, and into the light
Oh maybe when you’re older and you’re thinking back
You might recall
Now did I act carefully, did I do right?
Or were we meant to be
All of our lives
In love and harmony
All of our lives
So now take my hand
Come hold me closely
As near as you can
Believe in all that we could be
And all that we have been
And all that we are

Everyday seems summertime
The rivers flow with wine
And when you were here with me
I wish we’d stayed that day forever
Oh my hopes are as the leaves upon the water…

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