All in your mind – Mariah Carey

All in your mind – Mariah Carey canzone pubblicata per la prima volta nell’anno 1990

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Testo della canzone: All in your mind – Mariah Carey

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All in your mind – Mariah Carey Testo:

Come closer
You seem so far away
There’s something I know you need to say
I feel your emotions
When I look in your eyes

Your silence
Whispering misunderstandings
There’s so much you need to realize
You’ll feel my emotions
If you look in my eyes

Hey darlin’
I know you think my love is slipping away
But baby it’s all in your mind
Don’t worry
Hold on tight and hear me when I say
Baby it’s all in your mind

Believe me
I believe in you
There’s nothing this feeling couldn’t do
Move closer my darling
Feel the love in my eyes



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