Alter Bridge – Outright Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della canzone di:
Outright – Alter Bridge

Never be afraid
No never fear at all
But I must be on my way
But you must carry on

But if I do not make it back again
Please know that I have loved you till the end

And one last thing before we say goodbye
Never say die

You don't slip away
Your heroes come and go
But I hope that you can face
Your shadows on your road

I know you fear the end is going to come
But you my friend, you've only just begun

And one last thing before we say goodbye
Never say die
Don't let them keep you down
Hold your head up high
Never say die

Somewhere in the distance
It's calling me home
But in case I won't see you again
Always care, be resilient
Never let weakness show
Keep fighting till the very end


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