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Il Testo della canzone di:
Open Your Eyes (Occultic; Nine) – AmaLee

Although your tears are freezing cold
Your trembling heart is still a wonder to behold
Open your eyes - Hold them with your gaze
And they will see there lies a dream to leave them hypnotized

With every second passing by
All the colors of the sky are changing
Be it blue or black or white
Any hue that tortures your mind

Though you try, you can't escape
When your actions balance out your held faith
Will you only save yourself?
Every cry for help you evade

Life is not fair, but I will follow
Disregard it all until you're corrupt but oh
What can you do to promote world peace
Give it time while we are moving slow motion

Although your tears (Another star)
Are freezing cold (Another sky)
Your trembling heart (Another world)
Is still wonder to behold
OPEN YOUR EYES (Another star)
Hold them with your gaze (Another sky)
And they will see (Another world)
There lies a dream that leaves them hypnotized

Our senses are far from perfect but

In the end, they're all we possess

We are so close, but also too far
So, it begins - We'll watch the end as it repeats itself in
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven - nine

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