And the children laughing


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1965 The Bee Gees sing and play 14 Barry Gibb songs
1969 Rare precious & beautiful 3
1998 Brilliant from birth (cd 1)
2009 Essential masters

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And the children laughing di Bee Gees

Well, I’ve been working up a fever trying to
straighten up the mess in my mind about this place,
I can’t contain myself anymore,
can’t you see it’s written all over my face?
Why don’t you get on your feet?
It’s about time you got to think
whatever happened to peace?
Well, open your eyes and you’ll see children laughing,
voices singing, hearts beating.

You’re always talking right and talking about
the world and its corruption and moral decay,
but what you gonna do about it? Nothing,
‘cause you’re more like children than children while they play,
Why you’re so clean through and through you won’t shake hands
with a negro who’s maybe cleaner than you.
Well, listen around and you’ll hear children laughing,
voices singing, hearts beating like they always do,
so what’s wrong with you?

You’re so blown up with anger about the world,
you write the songs about it all,
yet you don’t even know your neighbour’s name.
And now you want to go to the moon and live there,
when you know it’ll only end up the same.
How can he give you any gratitude,
with your endless sickening attitude?
You strive to get ahead
but you leave each other dead.
Can’t you see children laughing,
voices singing, hearts beating like they always do?
So what’s wrong with you?

Children laughing, voices singing hearts beating.
Children laughing, voices singing, hearts…

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