Blue – Zucchero

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2004 Zu & Co.
2007 All the best
2008 Live in Italy

Testo Della Canzone

Blue – Zucchero di Zucchero

(feat. Sheryl Crow)

No petrol in the car
no pennies in the jar
how did we get this far, baby

No moon in the sky
no roof to keep us dry
looks like rain tonight

I got a sinking feeling
coming over me
I got a sinking feeling

I tried to paint a picture
a picture through the clouds for you
vai vai vai

Green your smiling eyes
Red ‘cause I made you cry
grey these rainy skies
tomorrow will be

stay love
uh stay tonight
these rainy skies
tomorrow will be blue

No caffeine in the coffee
no sugar in my tea
just watching the TV

with the sound down
no radio on
no tune to the song
and the words are wrong

Your fingers tapping
to the rhythm of the rain
your fingers


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