Blue melody


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Testo Della Canzone

Blue melody di Alice

Well I was born a blue melody.
A little song my mama
sang to me it was
a blue melody.

Such a blue you’ve never seen.

There is no wealth
that can buy my pride
there is no pain that
can cleanse my soul.

No just a blue melody
sailing far away from me.

One summer morning
I was raised but
I don’t know.

One summer morning
I was left but
I don’t know.

One summer morning
so all alone.

Late in the evening
I’ll sing in your dreaming
down from the mountains
along with the breezes.

So close inside
I love blue smiles.

So if you hear
that blue melody
won’t you please send
it home to me.

It’s just
my blue melody
calling far away to me.

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