Caribbean Medley – Donnie McClurkin Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Caribbean Medley – Donnie McClurkin

Two people together
It was just a dream
Until you came along
My heart was waiting just for you

Tomorrow, forever
We both heard these promises for far too long
But now you make the words come true

So touch me now

I need to have you close tonite
And show me how
You can make me feel this way

[CHORUS: Both]
You and me we have the right combination
(Ohh we're all we need)
Ohh it's just you and me
We make the right combination
Straight from the heart
Love is the key

Can't keep it a secret
Everything thing I feel is written on my face
I can't hide my heart from you

You hold me, it's magic
In your arms the world becomes a better place
No one knows what love can do

Here we go
Exactly where the road will lead us
I don't know
I just know that you'll be there


And whenever you call, I'm there
Every stumble and fall, I share
I'll be yours till we're old,
I care, about you baby
It's so easy to see, so strong
Now I know you and me belong
I'll be by your side forever


Ohhh ohhh...

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