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– Papoose
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Traduzione in Italiano

So la verità. Non c'è ritorno. Hai cambiato le cose. Per sempre

Sono nata in un laboratorio, mia madre è una scienziata
Non so chi fosse mio padre, lo stanno negando entrambi
La Cina ha detto che erano gli Stati Uniti, raccontano storie diverse
Non so chi fosse mio padre, qualcuno chiami Maury
Quando starnutisci, la gente diceva "Dio ti benedica!"
Da quando sono tornato, ora quando starnutisci, t –> Continua su Testitradotti <–


Il Testo della della canzone Di: Covid-19
– Papoose

I know the truth. There’s no going back. You’ve changed things. Forever

I was born in a laboratory, my mother’s a scientist
I don’t know who was my father, they’re both denying it
China said it was the US, they telling different stories
I don’t know who was my father, somebody call Maury
When you sneeze, people used to say “God bless you!”
Since I came around, now when you sneeze, they disrespect you
You don’t have symptoms so you think I’m not inside you ass
KD, I’m the real Easy Money Sniper, I’m a virus
Not the type of virus on your laptop
Harm rich pеople, I murder the havе-nots
They had to call FEMA, not the femur in your leg
Federal Emergency Management Agency instead
They don’t got enough ventilators, respirators to last
I already know how you look, why you wearing a mask?
Took the kids outta school so they can stop learning
Took parents outta work so they can stop earning
Peace to Idris Elba, y’all need a vaccine stand by
Let’s play a game of Charades, who am I?
Are you dumb, king?
Rocking us to sleep, stay woke

The whole plan of the quarantine emergency
National guard on the scene
Rubber gloves, Lysol, most surfaces aren’t clean
No NBA, they tested positive players on a team
Everybody wearing a mask, it look like Halloween
Is this Iran’s revenge biological warfare?
Or is the government trying to use this to install fear?
Did it start in Wuhan, China? (Woo-ha!) That’s what they all swear
From eating bats and pangolins, they eat them raw there?
promoting sanitizers they making through the jails
Cleaning products and toilet paper, they making numerous sales
I don’t trust Trump, he probably building a new hotel
People with compromised immune systems not doing well
It’s the richest county in New York where you can tell
‘Cause drive through testing was first present in New Rochelle
Miami’s mayor Suares, Rita Wilson, and Tom Hanks
Donovan Mitchell speedy recovery, keep a strong face
They say Black people can’t catch it
Are you dumb, king?
Rocking us to sleep, stay woke, COVID 19
Are you dumb, king?
Rocking us to sleep, stay woke, COVID 19

This is not a challenge ‘cause we aren’t challengers
We are the champions, we come from Africa
We’re not ashamed, they won’t embarrass us
We got strong lungs, great stamina
This is not a challenge ‘cause we aren’t challengers
We are the champions, we come from Africa


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