Creatures Of Habit – Polaris Testo con traduzione in italiano

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Traduzione in Italiano

Non vedi che non sono il tuo nemico?
Oh, cosa abbiamo perso nel relitto?
Ciò che una volta ci ha tenuti insieme ci terrà indietro solo

Conosco il dubbio nel tuo occhio: cosa facciamo quando il pozzo si asciuga?
Forse la nostra paura e la nostra fede sono solo due spigoli della stessa lama
Quindi taglia le cazzate, le linee che abbiamo disegnato
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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Creatures Of Habit – Polaris

Can't you see I'm not your enemy?
Oh, what did we lose in the wreck?
What once held us together will only hold us back

I know the doubt in your eye: What do we do when the well runs dry?
Maybe our fear and our faith are just two edges of the same blade
So cut the bullshit, the lines that we drew
If this is all you want from me, then what am I to you?

Crush my spirit, use me for parts. We should have seen this coming from the start

The night forgives, and the day forgets
We paint ourselves in our past regrets

So why's it all come down to your plan? I can't be anything more than I am
I can't be what you see in your head. Do you know what you've put me through?

So come on and break me, just to make me feel something
You know I know that you hate me. This endless eye for an eye will only send us blind
Has it occurred to you that we're out of time?

This house is hostile. There are ghosts inside the walls
At night they scratch at my door
And rattle the chains that we place on what we can't control

The night forgives, and the day forgets
We paint ourselves in our past regrets

Every hour draws us nearer to the very thing we dread

Oh, what did we lose in the wreck?
What brought us here together will only send us back

Call me a fake, call me a liar, hold me accountable, blame me for everything
Tear me apart, make me a martyr, make me believe you hate me before you crown me king


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