Crew Nights


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1993 Nightcap

Testo Della Canzone

Crew Nights di Jethro Tull

  1. Paradise Steakhouse
  2. Sealion II
  3. Piece of Cake
  4. Quartet
  5. Silver River Turning
  6. Crew Nights
  7. The Curse
  8. Rosa on the Factory Floor
  9. A Small Cigar
  10. Man of Principle
  11. Commons Brawl
  12. No Step
  13. Drive on the Young Side of Life
  14. I Don’t Want to Be Me
  15. Broadford Bazaar
  16. Lights Out
  17. Truck Stop Runner
  18. Hard Liner
Your Round: Unreleased & Rare Tracks
Tearing down in double quick time to get the “A” truck shifted ‘bout midnight.
The locker rooms are empty but the strobo tuners still spin with their pitching lights
And someone with a yellow pass gives out precise directions as to where and when.
And earmarked with a drumstick, young girls set to rendezvous, and be recognized again.
Tomorrow is an off-day, be in Baltimore by Thursday is the only law.
There’s a suite down at the hotel reserved for making merry with connecting doors.
The lighting man’s already improvised a bar and printed invitations to the ball.
Off-duty cops line corridors wearing tour T-shirts proudly and the band may even call.
Crew nights, no flashlights or folding knives,
Best boots and road suits and nine lives.

Feeling that it might be wrong to temporarily belong to the P.A. man.
Some angel from the midwest is regretting being undressed with no suntan.
His polaroid a-snapping, the head carpenter is rapping on the gates of dawn.
Sitting lonely with a warm beer the girl with dental braces wishes that she hadn’t gone.
Crew nights, no bar fights or ‘Reader’s Wives’,
Thin walls and late calls and nine lives.
Crew nights, no flashlights or folding knives,
Best boots and road suits and nine lives.

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