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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Enemy – Raekwon

[Ill Bill:]
A general can never live with the shame of defeat
Play the position the same way in the street, labeled a creep
Raised in the ways of the deep thinkers at the same time
I learned the most valuable things
From an uncle leaving syringes stuck in his veins
Heroin dreams, cocaine wishes
Seen a dope fiedn suck a dog's dick for a fix and
It's twisted and sick on this immaculate planet on which we live
That's why I keep a black bag of ammonia by my side ever since
Hollow tip shells, one in the chamber
Sign my name in blood, smudgen the paper
Too many crab motherfuckers and haters
Looking at me like I fucked their moms
Till they wind up hog tied in the trunks of their cars
It ain't no sunshine, I can smell the jealousy and envy
You're thinking my glass is half full, I'm thinking it's half empty
I think above the law, surpass insanity
Smear your blood on the wall like the Manson family
Wtahc your mouth you don't know me homie
Ill Bill, inappropriate like holding a baby, smoking a bogie
Blow your brains out, leave you with an empty head
Cause I'm a muthafucking villain like MC Ren

[Chorus x2: Ill Bill]
I live the same life you lead, breathe the same air you breathe
We similar, but no, you my enemy
Bang the fuck out in the street, hold the block down with heat
We similar, but no, you my enemy

From every valley all the way to the valley is where allies live
With 40 Calies, winging drugs, selling Denalies
Where coke comes in big ol trucks, Dickies, white tees
Authentic Chucks, stash it in the boards for the cause
Alot of rap killers is lurking, base heads chirping
All these police workers got they hats backwords, and black hoods
Guard it like the Pope up in Rome
Slight cough, rhyming through foam, pajama sets, talking to Tone
I live through my family, civilians and loved ones
Take drugs and slay for my paper
Working under some fakers
I recognize the power of loyalty, come for the wants and needs
Everything else black, self explanatory
Take it back to Timexes and Outies
Push it through 1-39th, seeing Spanish, Jesus and Ralphie
You know who we came, it's holding besides breaded was lead
Go head, search us, guns is by the shoulders
You counting every one in back of the store
Different whores will jump out, different walls smelling like cum
Nowadays niggas know hustling
Yeah, go head, tell it wrong and get jinxed by the FBI
Word to every kingpin's wish
Move humble and hard, play the right men, slay the right bitch
Through the mix of concurrent drama
We honor niggas that died, got trapped up and fell behind karma
This real nigga lecture his destiny
Play the perfect hand of perfection, everything's a blessing at heart
I sat back like the giant from start, play number two position learn
To listen, gamble insmarts
Now we pushing from town to town
Realizing credit's the shit, but can't trust no niggas around
I try to establish life on my own, blaze a hundred bones
And think, I'm painting by the second, it's on
Yo, call the flag of a Muslim son, who base his life on guns and murder
Free business, handling chumps
Now alot of niggas is gone, sleeping on the Rican on the catwalk
Hump on his leg, back on his own
A wise man set up for failure

[Interlude: Raekwon]
Yo, yo, yo, untie him man

[Chorus x2]

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