Even You – Dinosaur Jr. Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Even You – Dinosaur Jr.

A time was when it seemed appropriate to walk away
And now you got to try to stay
They all asked me, then you asked me I was kind of stunned
Now it's me who wants to run

I've no right falling all around you
Suffocating bugs surround you
It's a shame that's what it's done to you

It came so easily, I let it follow me right down
Crept in close without a sound
They all told me, then you told me but I stayed around
Then it hit, I hit the ground

No discussion could improve this
Next time gonna have to lose this
No way in I'm not gonna hate it
I'll try not to overstate it

When I finally plan my trip
I know you're gonna be there
When it's time I finally flip
I know you're gonna be there

It seemed immediate
You stuck me and you walked away
It upsets me either way
I do anything if anything won't come too late
Not the best way to set things straight

No discussion could improve this
Gonna be a pain to lose this
Even you could not excuse this

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