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Fade (Freestyle) – Boogie

Fade away...
Fade away...

I been livin' on the edge (woah)
I been livin' off safety
I just pocket dialed god
I think he heard me talk crazy (woah)
I been swimming for a minute
I see niggas actin' fishy
I got bitches tryna bait me
I know my eyes keep flinchin cause
I keep on havin' visions of a nigga tryna play me
Gotta give me a 380
I already lost my lady
I can't let somebody do me shady
That's just somethin' I can not do
I know that pussy feels good
Not as good as the pussy from the girl that really got you
Look at how they got you
Shoutout to the dudes on my side I respect
I could name on the hand, shit it's only just a few
And shoutout to the line that they better never cross
If that energy get off, know that they can get it too
The homie's still a fool, I'm actin' like it's cool (shit)
Who am I to judge to say that he ain't livin' right?
Cause when I think about it when he ride with that strap on his lap
Only showin' that he care for his life
Hell hurt more knowin' with everything I give
It's a chance that the best of me might even get killed, no
Hell hurt more knowin' I gotta live here, shit
And it's a possibility that heaven ain't real
Can you think with your eyes?
Can you see with you mind?
Do you see me as blind?
All my jeans don't define, but the stream that's inside
Fuck a crease I done peeped this a wrinkle in time
And rest well Lil Peep, that depression shit is real
Better check up on your peeps
I ain't even hit my peak
Man I wanna drop my album every week
Shit, I might just be the reason why I leak (oh shit)
Got me tellin' you I'm pressed when you rell me that I'm next
Got me tellin' bout my growth when I tell you bout my ex
Got me tellin' me tellin' you so much, shit I'm runnin' out of breath
Aw man
We done fractured your hopes and your wounds to look open
Don't cast me away just embrace what's been broken
I'm showerin' regret you should bathe in the moment
Aw man
I had to pray today that I don't fall off by nighttime
And tomorrow I don't fade away

Fade away...

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