Fantasy – Mariah Carey

Fantasy – Mariah Carey canzone pubblicata per la prima volta nell’anno 1995

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Testo della canzone: Fantasy – Mariah Carey

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Fantasy – Mariah Carey Testo:

Oh when you walk by every night
Talking sweet and looking fine
I get kind of hectic inside
Oh baby I’m so into you
Darling if you only knew
All the things that flow through my mind
But it’s just a

Sweet sweet fantasy baby
When I close my eyes
You come and take me
On and on and on
It’s so deep in my daydreams
But it’s just a sweet sweet fantasy baby

Images of rapture
Creep into me slowly
As you’re going to my head
And my heart beats faster
When you take me over
Time and time and time again
But it’s just a


I’m in heaven
With my boyfriend
My laughing boyfriend
There’s no beginning and there is no end
Feels like I’m dreaming but I’m not sleeping

It’s just a



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..... Em - D - Em - D (4x)
                           La-        Sol              La-
1. Oh, when you walk by every night, talking sweet and 
looking fine,              
   Em               D         Em    - D
    I get kinda hectic inside.
                         La-    Sol           La-
    Mmm, baby, I'm so into you, darling, if you only knew  
    La-                       Sol                      La-
    all the things that flow through my mind, but it’s 
just a ...
     La-            Sol         La-
Sweet, sweet fantasy, baby,     
     D                   Em             D                   Em          - 
when I close my eyes, you come and you take me.
La-      Sol            La-
    So deep in my daydreams,  
D                Em              D          Em    - D
it’s just a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby.             + Em - D - Em - D 
    La-           Sol          La-                Sol
2. Images of rapture creep into me slowly,        
    Em                    D         Em     - D
    as you're going to my head.
     Em                           D        - Em                           
    And my heart beats faster,          when you take me over,
    La-                        Sol     La-   Sol
    time and time and time again, but it’s just a....
+ CHORUS     + Em - D - Em - D (4x)    + It’s just a...   + CHORUS
    Em D   EmD   - Em                 D            - Em                   
    I'm in heaven           with my boyfriend,           my lovely 
La-                   Sol                       La-
    there's no beginning, and there is no end,           
La-                      Sol              La-
    feels like I'm dreaming, but I'm not sleeping, jus
t a....
+ CHORUS (2x) ....

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