Go – Jamelia


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2006 Walk with me

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Go – Jamelia di Jamelia

[Verse 1:]
Any other day of the week
You’d probably pass this girl in the street
With my tracksuit on, and my Airforce Ones
But you get a lot more than you see
Cause I know that if I step up in the club
I’ll get your whole crew showing me love
And they’ll be trying to impress me
Want to undress me
Proove that you got the good stuff

Baby, just work it, the way that you do it
You’re making me move my body when you watch me
I don’t wanna stop the way that you move me
You make me feel sexy, tonight we’re gonna have a party
All night long, forget about sitting at home

Cause when it comes to myself I lay low
But on Saturday night we roll roll
When we come to the club and you throw your hands up
You’re making my body go go
Cause everyday life I’m so so
But when the party is about to blow, blow
And we come to the club, I’ll be looking so hot
I’m making your body go go

[Verse 2:]
And it feels all right
We’re gonna party in the middle of the night
And we can roll with the ballers, don’t care what they call us
Cause we’re all shot-callers, all right
So just get into the music, it’s not what you got, boy
It’s all how you use it, ‘cause it ain’t where you’re from
It’s where you’re at, could be a millionaire or just outta cash

Just work it, the way that you do it…


All you people in the clubs
Throw your hands up, show me love
And it’s all you gotta do, oh yeah, oh yeah
All you people in the clubs
Throw your hands up, give me love
Like it’s the last thing you do, oh yeah, oh yeah

I said I like it when you work it, come on
I said baby move your body, come on
You’re looking hot Mama, don’t stop Mama
I said I like it when you work it, come on

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