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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Hulk Smash – Bugzy Malone

Yo (Manchester home of the brave)
Bugzy Malone (0161)
You know (Manny on the map, Manny on the map), watch this

I was living in shadows; nobody would listen, nobody would check my tracks
Now I'm going on rago', putting Manny on the map and I still make money in the trap
And I'm on a next level
They can't play this game, them man better feel my pain
Cause you looking at a rebel
I got expelled from school and I'm still acting a damn fool
Now I'm a criminal
I make money on the road, money in the hot, money in the cold
And I used to pedal in the blistering cold
Now the struggle is a myth to me bro
They sent to jail
I just put on a size, got out and took what's mine
I turn into the Devil
I just lose my mind, make man turn legally blind
You better be careful causing I'm going on sick; all you hear is a bang and a click
That's if it jams, man starts going on [?] and start gun-butting-up man
I'm like Robin De Niro in Goodfellas
I make bare man get jealous
Them man can't fuck with us, I hit man 8x times in a seconds like I was an octopus
I just settle, I've come to climb to the top, I don't care if the roads get hot
I 'm wearing a stolen watch cause I lost mine when I hit man with a big left hook
Trust me (whip sound effect), get over here (Whoopie)
When will it stop?
I am the wickedest ting since 2Pac; I just pray I don't get hit by the cops
I used to sit and watch Top Of The Pops, till about 6 and then I'll sneak out
And when my mum would pull off that duvet and see bare pillows she'd freak out
But I'll be about on a BMX
2005 On a moongoose flex
Holding a knife, already vex'
You might as well go buy a stab proof vest

Cause I'm like Wolverine, the way I pull out the blade and put three holes in his chest
I don't watch none of these MC's anymore, cause I've never ever been impressed
Never seen anyone of them as a threat
They're just copying Skeppy and Ghetts
I'm the original Bugzy Malone
Fuck the film, I spell mine with a 'Z'
Fuck the body, cause I aim for the head
And fuck anybody who talks to the feds
And fuck them Nigga's that tried with me as a kid, cause I swear they're already dead
Save me a job, now I can sleep at night
I was an insomniac no lie
I'd have dreams they'll would run up in the crib and I'll get shot 5x times
Swear down, it's deep
And I'm a wolf that doesn't like sheep
Fuck anyone that doesn't like me
If you're not on my line you're not in my league
I'm not talking about girls when I say I'll come a make the pum pum bleed
All over his Huaraches and jeans
Come, take the car keys and breeze

(Bark, Bark)

A red nose pit' couldn't bark like me
And them man can't compete, I've been about since 2003

(Hulk Smash)

Put holes in concrete
Fuck anyone that doesn't like me
If your not on my line you're not in my league
(0161), I said fuck anyone that's not on my team
(0161), I said fuck anybody that doesn't like me
(0161), Fuck anybody that doesn't like 'D'
(0161), We been about since 2003

(Bark, Bark)
Been about since 2003
(Bark, Bark)
I said we been about since 2003
(Bark, Bark)
Fuck anyone that doesn't like me
(Bark, Bark)
I said we been about since 2003

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