Hypermania – Polaris Testo con traduzione in italiano

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Traduzione in Italiano

Ho un osso da scegliere con il destino, perché la fortuna mi ha deluso fino a tardi
E mi ha lanciato troppo in profondità, ho perso la trama dal perdere così tanto sonno
Oh puoi dirmi, puoi mi dici come salvare la mia anima?
A volte vorrei che il terreno si aprisse e mi inghiottisse per intero

Nessuna cura per la letargia
Energia nervosa traboccante
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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Hypermania – Polaris

I've got a bone to pick with fate, 'cause fortune's failed me as of late
And thrown me in too deep, I've lost the plot from losing so much sleep
Oh can you tell me, can you tell me how to save my soul?
Sometimes I wish the ground would open up and swallow me whole

No cure for the lethargy
Overflowing nervous energy
Just can't be left alone
Wear me down to skin and bone (skin and bone)

'Cause I'm cocked like a shotgun (lock it and load)
I've got a bone to pick with everyone (hand me the rope)
It's been an endless vicious cycle of this

I've been up, I've been down every day
I've been thinking, am I always gonna be this way?
Tell me, am I a man or machine?
A slave to substance or a slave to routine, yeah

Save my soul
Can't stop me, can't stop me crawling down this rabbit hole
(Mercy) Save my soul
Oh, can you tell that I can't tell you who I am anymore?

Count me in, pull the pin, and I'm ready to go
(Do you feel like you're free when you lose control?)
No heaven above without a hell below
(What's your worth on the earth if you sell your soul?)

I'm only here because it's harder to feel than to numb what is real
But I know by now that this state of mind is just a waste of time
And it's turning me inside-out!

Say you'll miss me when I'm gone
Just to keep me hanging on
Til the bitter end

Here we go again
I've been up, I've been down every day
Something tells me I was always gonna be this way
We all need something to take off the edge
A little medicine, a week in a hospital bed

This is my lost cause state of mind
I hear them coming, and I'm running out of time


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