I love you more than I ever have


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2002 Thanks for bringing love around again

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Testo Della Canzone

I love you more than I ever have di Ray Charles

Don’t you know I’m about as happy as I can be
‘Cause you made a happy man out of me
You took a man wso was tired of living
And installed the joy of life whit all that you’re giving
And you came along in just a nick of time
‘Cause I was just about to lose my mind
The frown upon my face became a smile
And I love you more than I ever have
Oh, I want to thank you baby
For what you’ve done for me
Oh, I want to thank you baby
For helping me to see
That love is powerfull and what everybody needs
And I thenk you for givin it to me
I had just fell out of love when I met you
Really did belive that love and were through
But I knew it right from the first time I kissed you
I felt your lips and could not resist ya
Ever since that kiss I’ve been in love whit you
‘Cause you been so good to me and so true
We’ve stood together through thick and thin
And I love you more than I ever have
There’s a certain way that you say I love you
Makes me want to lay down my life for you
You change my outlook on life and love
When it comes to you I just connot get enough of you girl
I just want this one thing understood
All I want to do is make ya feel good
And you’ve been so dog-gone good to me I say
That I love you more then I ever have
The love is powerfull and everybody needs
And I thank you for giving it to me

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