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Ice Cream Paint Job Freestyle – Boogie

Woah, woah
I see you tripping off that faith that still ain't found you
Hatred that surround you, shit
Don't even sound cool
That bass, that ain't been sound proof
Proof, you niggas poop and I be damned if it stress me
I hate it when I'm in my bag and then a bitch want to text me
Shit I'm so easily distracted yes it's habit
I got my little check and spent a thousand on my mattress
Give a damn who still sleeping
I drop my tape in and niggas still reaching
They hate it when I sub
I give a damn I'm still teaching
I been side stepping
Mind stretching, vibe catching
For the right essence
I swear this shit is quite precious
I see y'all gassed up like we ain't puffin the same
And I don't think that y'all can fuck with my strain
Or fuck with my pain
I'm breaking it down, I put it in paper
Thirst 48 that's coming sooner than later
I swear, these local niggas got me watching
Can't get booked at South By yet they thinking that they popping
Let me get back to the flow
Like let me get back to the flow
Talk about your girl she getting F'd up on the low
Spell that shit backwards you a wolf and niggas know
All that coulda shoulda woulda coulda shit has got to go
I'm saying like, like
When will you niggas learn
When you praying to evolve certain bridges gotta burn
I'm out
Woah, woah
Shout out to Pigeons & Planes man we out here

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