I’ll Save You All My Kisses – Dead Or Alive Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: I'll Save You All My Kisses – Dead Or Alive

You might hear I'd trade my love for candy
Don't believe that stuff
It's a misunderstanding

Whatever I've got
It doesn't come cheaply
Not many have got
What it might take to keep me

I'll save you all my kisses
Save you all my kisses

I'm all alone
With nobody to amuse me
If I told you I've been true
I know you'd see right through me
You choose life on the road
So give your permission
For others to fool around
With my ignition

I don't mean to worry you
But I'm full of heart
And I've got an empty head
I don't mean to hurry you
But I just can't live here with an empty bed

I would be so satisfied
If you were right here
Standing by my side
There's not much I wouldn't do
If I could save all of my kisses just for you

If people say I'm bad
You promise you'll ignore them
My kisses are exclusive
No one can afford them

All the big thrills in life
I have found them in you
Nobody else can do
The things that you do

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