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I'm Your Girl – Dominic Fike


Shawty pour my lean like she from Houston
Shawty make me seem like Marques Houston
Shawty ran my tab up at that Houstons (Yeah)
That pussy makes me do things I refuse to (Yah, yah, yah)
Sprite in the lean, how that fusion (Yeah)
[?] fusion (Yeah)
I even bother her at halftime (Yeah)
[?] my movement
Fucked a lil' bitch at the club I met
She told me her boyfriend do music
She press the pussy for a discount
Fuck I look like a lick now?

If you want a, if you want a
If you- if you- if you want a lover
Your my-

Bitch in the back of the truck (Truck)
One impeccable, peccable thot (Thot)
You gon' run up a check on that bitch
How you spinnin', I spent a few days and I'm out (Ugh)
Sendin' these shots to that spot, I replay that
And homies pretendin' like she got a friend
Hopefully nigga, hope for me nigga
Got hoes in the back, I'mma see y'all at ten
(If you want a)
I just might bust on her forehead, now she got nut on her forehead
Hoe take a picture, who your favorite nigga?
I spent it and hit it before bed
Look, bitch in the back of the drop
This nigga back on the job
Bitch I got one in my sleeve
Which nigga want it with me (Brr)

If you want a, if you want a
If you- if you- if you want a lover
I'm your girl

Shit, shit I've been told, Phil
Shit sound fire everytime

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