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Il Testo della della canzone Di: In This Life – Nikka Costa

Maybe I'm, not always there, dancing in the sun beside you.
It doesn't mean, that I feel, any less about you.
Maybe I'm, not always there, to hear what you want from me.
Maybe I'm, guilty of, not being who I'm supposed to be, but.

In life, so many sacrifice.
Who they are.
Who they are.

maybe I, think too hard, it stays in my head too long, babe.
Maybe I, wonder what, it is that I'm doing wrong.
And maybe I'm, just trying to find, a little more peace of mind.
Maybe I, find myself, when I feel I'm leaving you behind.

In life, so many try to change.
Within their hearts.
In their hearts.

I never wondered, what you, gave to me.
I never doubted, what I could, plainly see.
I need your faith by my side, its been so long.

Maybe I'm, not the type, to let all my feelings show.
Maybe I'm, wondering why, there's so many things I don't know.
Maybe you, could try to see, what your criticism, what it does to me.
And maybe we, could try to find, the love that used to be...

In this life.


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