Into the groove

1985 Cercasi Susan disperatamente


È contenuto nei seguenti album:

1987 You can dance
1990 The immaculate collection
1990 Live! Blond ambition world tour 90
2006 I’m going to tell you a secret
2009 Celebration

Testo Della Canzone

Into the groove di Madonna

* Mina1988 Ridi pagliaccio (Cd 1)

di: (MadonnaStephen Bray)

And you can dance For inspiration
Come on I’m waiting


Get into the groove
Boy you’ve got to prove
Your love to me, yeah
Get up on your feet, yeah
Step to the beat
Boy what will it be

Music can be such a revelation
Dancing around you feel the sweet sensation
We might be lovers if the rhythm’s right
I hope this feeling never ends tonight


Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free
At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see
I’m tired of dancing here all by myself
Tonight I wanna dance with someone else


Gonna get to know you in a special way
This doesn’t happen to me every day
Don’t try to hide it love wears no disguise
I see the fire burning in your eyes



Live out your fantasy here with me
Just let the music set you free
Touch my body, and move in time
Now I now you’re mine
You’ve got to

(chorus lyrics)

Now I know you’re mine, now I know you’re mine
Now I know you’re mine, now I know you’re mine
You’ve got to

(chorus) (chorus lyrics)
(repeat and fade)

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