It Only Gets Better – D-Pryde Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: It Only Gets Better – D-Pryde

I don't know where I'm 'bout to go with this
And I ain't worried 'bout the past cause I'm over it
I got my team and nobody is threat to me
And everytime I do my thing they keep telling me
It only gets better from here (Wo-oh-oh) [x4]

[Verse 1:]
Down at my last minute
Actually I'm practictly gone
I'm high on life, still hustle, tell them bastards I'm on
To my mama I ain't fit to work a factory job
Tired of the rappers who ain't even got a passion at all
They keep going, I'm a lion and my fans just got mobbed back
And that's a team of lion you call this a pride pack
Sell my first record deal and only got 10 stacks
But made that ish back, triple that and kept going
Now I kill 'em with the flow, and I can't wait to say my team made it
It's Mars MG, NHB Gang 'till I'm cremated
And I ain't here for cheap days and girls who love me these days
I'm focused on the prize, I can't find it through for pete's sake
Tell me how I feel, that ain't hurting at all
Cause I got fans at every shows singing the words to my songs
And my momma told me "Russell do you think this dream is right?"
I looked at that woman's face and I replied "Momma I-I-I..."


[Verse 2:]
I've had fans that cried for me
Related to my story
From the things my mind shown
I got rappers that high, nose bleed
Reppin' for the city, that I ain't never reppin' me
But I got Toronto, I love my city respectivly
I did this rap verse up on a showcase video
Swore a billion times, thought I had a crazy widdy flow
But back then, I was trying to be someone I wasn't
I feel my image is tornish cause that's been show to the public, auh
How does the game feel at your last shot?
How do you stay cold when you're be mad hot?
I ain't even sleeping like my bed just was a bad cot
You ain't got a team, you just a mascot damn I...
Still remember the day that Philip just told me
I won't be making a million right away, it takes time
I built my fan base, now the world is 'bout to know me
I'm living the dream I had since grade 9 and it only gets better


[Verse 3:]
My grandmother passed away, I never met her
But I'm a rule the world, so she sees me from up there
It sucks cause I wish every family members was together
But she just sent me blessings along with the man upstairs
I ain't never had a cousin that I met, I grew up bastardly and all
I grew up never knowing 'bout my family at all
So I'm a find my way through all these new dead corners
Cause when you step once back, you're going 2 steps closer, it's that easy


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