J. Tailor – Destroyer Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: J. Tailor – Destroyer

"Wore my fringe like Roger McGuinn's"
Quote, unquote.
Little showboat
No you didn't.

Got a list; it's serious business.
Stick it in the song. The song doesn't fit.
You brought one, it's not much longer.
Threes to divide and five to conquer.

Fun in the sun; you're the only one.
Fun in the sun; you're the only one.
Fun in the sun; you're the only one who does.

There's an earthquake in the audience.
My response, my response, not what you wanted.
One million tribunals agree:
See, your eyes aren't mine
The nose doesn't go there.
Beau (bulb?), you broke the crown of crowns
Of crowns of crowns of crowns.

Something I never wrote down.
Never, never, never top it off, top it off.
A long drink of water. A boarding house reach.
Big words make for such a short speech

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