Jack Munro – Polly Paulusma Testo con traduzione in italiano

In campagna, viveva un uomo ricco,
E aveva una figlia unica, la più bella del paese,

E tutti i ragazzi che la conoscevano hanno detto: "È la scoperta più grande" "
Ma nessuno tranne John il soldato poteva conquistare la mente di questa signora.

E quando suo padre seppe di lui, così arrabbiato giurò:
"Darò alla banda cento sterline per spingere il giovane John alla guerra."

Quindi ha derubato il

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Il Testo della canzone di:
Jack Munro – Polly Paulusma

Way out in the country, there lived a wealthy man,
And he had an only daughter, the loveliest in the land,

And all the boys that knew her said ‘She’s the greatest find’”
But none but John the soldier could win this lady’s mind.

And when her father learned of him, so angrily he swore:
“I’ll give the gang a hundred pounds to press young John to war.”

So she’s robbed her wicked father, his money in her hands,
And she’s signed up to the army, dressed up just like a man!

‘Your waist is long and slender, your fingers fine and small,
Your cheeks too red and rosy for to face the cannon-ball.’

‘It’s true my waist is slender, my fingers they are small,
But it wouldn’t change my countenance to see ten thousand fall…’

‘Before you join our regiment, your name I wish to know.’
A smile it spread across her face — they call me Jack Munro!


So she sailed across the ocean, she sailed across the sea,
Til she got her safely landed in the wars of Germany

Where all upon the battlefield, she fought it up and down,
'Til among the dead and wounded, her darling John she found.

They’ve given me promotion, John, they have promoted me,
Now I am a colonel, John, and married we can be!

Up then spoke the general, ‘Now it’s a travesty!
It’s ’gainst the laws of England for two men to married be!

And up then spoke the chaplain, ‘Of man-love I’m afraid!’
So she drew her pistol, swearing,
‘Don’t you argue with this maid!’

So now they all are married, as you may plainly know,
And John the wounded soldier got his Colonel Jack Munro!

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