Jumpin’ in the morning


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1959 What’d I say

Testo Della Canzone

Jumpin' in the morning di Ray Charles

Well now baby,
Tell me how do you do?
Ooo lord baby
Tell me how do you do?
Well I wanna say baby
I really got news for you

Well now baby,
Tell me what is your name?
Ooo now baby
Tell me what is your name?
Well I’m in love with you baby
Supposin’ you feel the same?

Well now baby
I really want you by my side
Ooo, now baby
Swear I want you by my side
Well you can love me in the mornin’
Keep your daddy satisfied

Well you’re fine and you’re mine
You really on the ball
Ooo, you’re fine, you’re mine
You’re really on the ball
Well you know I start runnin’
Every time you call

Oh, lord, babe
Rock, everybody rock, rock, rock
Everybody, jump, jump, jump
Everybody, wail, wail, wail
Everybody jump, jump, jump
Everybody, well early in the mornin’

I said well, well (well, well)
Oh, babe (oh, babe)
Oh, babe (oh, babe)
Oh, babe (oh, babe)
Oh, babe (oh, babe)
I believe in you when you say I do

Babe, talk about your baby
You ought to be mine
Well, you can talk about your baby
But you ought to be mine
Well she feels like an angel
On a Pennsylvania line

Well, in the mornin’
Early in the morning
Oh, lord in the evenin’
Do it in the mornin’
Well, early in the mornin’

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