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Last Time – Buddy

Daaaamn, last time I seen her she was

[Kent Jamz:]
Last time I saw you, you was workin' out at the Slauson 24
Last time I saw you, you was tellin' me that you still searchin' for more (uh)
Bad bitches galore, I get it
Bad bitches link up, I get it
Ass shot, titty-job
Look, I get it
Everybody should know, I hit it twice, on everything (everything)
I want it in, on everything (everything)
Two seater, never win her by any means
Ass shot, titty-job, no wedding ring (wedding ring)

[Buddy (Kent Jamz):]
Elevator [?], top floor, penthouse suite, Encore, LV
Babygirl twenty-three, lookin' like she eighteen
Pull out the I.D., lemme' see, never get the best of me
You ain't gotta' lie to kick it (naaaah)
Babygirl', you ain't gotta ask permission (yeah)
I'm just trynna' figure out yo' addiction
Why you keep popping all those prescriptions?
And she got her hair all wavy
Nails done up all crazy
Grandma watching her baby
Eyes all hazy
Sleepin' all day, so lazy
When she wake up, she just wanna get drunk
She just wanna have fun
Wanna hit the club
She just wanna get fucked, yeah

[Kent Jamz:]
Last time I saw you, you was workin' out at the Rio Equinox
Last time I saw you, you was tellin' me how you couldn't get enough
Why? (Yeah)
You can't tell me why (Yeah)
Why I can't come over?
Why you won't let me inside it
You say you know what I want
I know what you need (Yeah)
You say if I come over, we gon' fuck all night
We gon' fuck all day and all night

Girl I know you don't belong to me
But your man ain't here and I'm tryna take you home with me
Last time that I saw you, working on squats in the gym
Like you tryna keep it tone for me
Baby girl give it all to me
Yeah I see that nigga callin'
But it don't really bother me
Won't you come take a walk with me, talk to me
Put it on top of me, rock with me
Now we 'bout to get a little messy
Fuckin' up the bed sheets
Baby girl you get me
Know it's been a little while since you met me
Maybe you should let me
Hit it to the melody
Okay then, look at my eyes soon as I grip on them thighs
Don't run, just take it in stride
You can't fake it if you try, baby

I know you like it (Yeah)
I know you like it (Yeah)
I know you like it
I know you like it
I know you like it (Get on top)
Slow ride it (Hit it from the back)
Slow ride it
Slow ride it, slow ride it, slow ride it
Yeah, act like you know, act like you know
When you're alone, when you're alone
Just call my phone, just call my phone
Yeah, last time I saw you...

Last time I seen her... I tried not to seen her because I'm like hol' up, is that her? Do you see? Oh, there she go right you see her? Aye, aye, aye, aye...

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