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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Leipzig – Thomas Dolby

Thirty nine and you need some leeway
Soon you're eyeing the overseas page
The trains are running late
As you close the garden gate
Stepping through your steel front door frame
"Dinner's in the microwave, sweetie!"

Leipzig is calling you Henry
Leipzig is calling you Jane
Leipzig is calling you Leonard
Leipzig is calling you names

Cars were burning on yellow lines
Wheels turning, traffic lights changing
Another misty bus - queue morning
Faces smile down from the hoarding
You stoop to the bin - drop something in..
Well, you'll soon feel yourself again
And every place is just the same, isn't it?

Leipzig is calling...

Like the sound of taxi brakes
The sound of a dentist's drill
The colour of skates on ice
Under clingfilm

It's calling
Leipzig is calling you names
Hear it calling

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