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Traduzione in Italiano

Ho il mondo sulla spalla, oltre al peso di mia figlia
Poi mi prendo cura di mio padre, che non era quasi mai sobrio
La mia piccola mamma si innesca
Mamma, dimmi solo di ascoltare, ma mamma, sono in missione
E non posso più aspettare che i negri si rendano conto, cose che ho messo da parte
Il tempo è ora negro o mai più
Non c'è tempo per i piani Bs per attutire la mia caduta
Non c'è tempo per il pi –> Continua su Testitradotti <–


Il Testo della della canzone Di: Life – Lute

Got the world on my shoulder, plus the weight of my daughter
Then lookin’ after my father, who was hardly ever sober
My baby mama be trippin’
Mama tell me just listen, but mama I’m on a mission
And I cannot wait no longer for niggas to realize, things I set aside
The time is now nigga or never at all
No time for plan Bs to cushion my fall
No time for plan B to cushion my fall

I’m just livin’ life right now
And I’ll be back for you if I need to
I’m just livin’ life right now
Some days I gotta’ breathe too

They underestimate your boy ‘cause I’m a daddy now
But understand I’m not that same nigga that you ask about
Yeah, I gained respect before followers
Hung with real niggas, watch a real nigga follow up
Crabs in the barrels so my barrel shootin’ hollow tips
Tired of swingin’ fists with niggas who don’t want shit for themselves
Half my niggas either dead or in jail
And I ain’t got the money for your bail
Barely got enough to pay the bills
When most niggas barely got enough to keep it real
‘Cause life ain’t all about what you obtain, it’s what you give
Somedays you gotta let the sun reflect up off the steel
Show these niggas what it is
‘Cause the hood love you when you got the most ice on
But never let them catch you flexin’ at the Exxon
‘Cause every nigga that the hood praise got a X
On or on a tee shirt, like God always take the best ones
And I know you seem lost sometimes
You gotta crawl before you walk sometimes
The world is yours, let your third eye shine
You gotta show ‘em what you are sometimes

I’m just livin’ life right now
And I’ll be back for you if I need to
I’m just livin’ life right now
Some days I gotta’ breathe too
I’m just livin’ life right now
And I’ll be back

12 pull up, paranoia in your cornea
If you crackin’ under pressure, get up off the corner, bruh
No time for shook ones, crooks by the books son
No handouts so a nigga might have took somethin’
Mama beat my ass for it, she single and she doing her best
So when I hear the beat, I spaz for the check
Lick shots off, let ‘em know that Ry got next
Pass with flying colors, but ain’t study for the test
College dropout, but I school niggas ‘cause my mind quicker
I’m Magic in his prime, find another sicker

“Ahhh. My boy, Lute. What up, baby? Yo, this your manager, pardon my yo- your old man, your old man. Listen, listen. I’m at this raggedy motherfucka right now, ‘bout to fuckin’ quit nigga. I heard about the deal, smullcounty Dreamville, son. Ohh shit, it’s lit, nigga. That’s what y’all be sayin’, “It’s lit”, right? It’s lit, it’s lit as fuck. Yo, I’m at this raggedy motherfucka. Hold on, man. Fuck these niggas, man, I’m quitin’. I’m goin’ on the road with you. I told you. I got them bars. I got them hooks. Hold on, hold on. Hey Ethan, fuck you, bro. Fuck you, too, Todd. And fuck you Samantha with them thin-ass lips, you fuckin’ bitch. Fuck corporate. Fuck you, crackers. I’m out this bitch. I’m goin’ on tour. I’m still slummin’ while I’m chasing life I got my bag and I’m ready to go. Um I just- you know just letting you know, where I need to meet you at?
I’m on my way. I got my little shit- I’m ready to go. I don’ quit. just like you, I’m runnin’ with you, nigga. We on, we on, nigga. We active, nigga. Ahhh I’m still Queen City Slummin’, nigga. Let’s go. Two steps back just to get it right”


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