Like a Tall Thin Girl

UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 26: Photo of Ian ANDERSON and JETHRO TULL; Ian Anderson performing live onstage, (Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns)


È contenuto nei seguenti album:

1991 Catfish Rising
1996 Jethro Tull in Concert (live)

Testo Della Canzone

Like a Tall Thin Girl di Jethro Tull

Catfish Rising
  1. This Is Not Love
  2. Occasional Demons
  3. Roll Yer Own
  4. Rocks on the Road
  5. Sparrow on the Schoolyard Wall
  6. Thinking Round Corners
  7. Still Loving You Tonight
  8. Doctor to My Disease
  9. Like a Tall Thin Girl
  10. White Innocence
  11. Sleeping with the Dog
  12. Gold-Tipped Boots, Black Jacket and Tie
  13. When Jesus Came to Play
Well, I don’t care to eat out in smart restaurants.
I’d rather do a Vindaloo: take away is what I want.
I was down at the old Bengal, having telephoned a treat,
when I saw her framed in the kitchen door.
She looked good enough to eat. (And I mean eat.)
She was a tall thin girl.
She looked like a tall thin girl.
She said, “Whose is this carry-out?”
My face turned chilli red.
Well, I don’t know about carrying out,
but you can carry me off to bed. (And I mean bed.)
She was a tall thin girl.
She moved like a tall thin girl.
Maybe I can fetch for it,
and maybe I can stretch for it.

I may not be a fat man and I’m not exactly small
but when it all comes down, couldn’t stand my ground.
This girl was tall. (And I mean tall.)
She was a tall thin girl.

Big boy Doane, he’s a drummer. Don’t play no tambourine
but he’s Madras hot on the bongo trot,
if you know just what I mean.

Stands six foot three in his underwear;
going to get him down here and see
if this good lady’s got a little sister ’bout the same size as me.
She was a tall thin girl.
She looked like a tall thin girl.
Well, can I fetch for it?
Well, maybe I can stretch for it?
Well, am I up for it? Or do I have to go down for it?

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